Monday, June 25, 2012

Results of memory trip

Mmmmyeah, i found something else from the cellar aswell...


More stuff


High elfs

Dark elfs

Chaos & Loyal marines

Unopened blisters

Mmmmkayyy, maybe i should take look in my other warhammer containers...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trip down to memory lane

So i preordered some stuff for the 6th edition of warhammer 40k, and i thought it would be nice to see what 40k was about when i started gaming. Well lets see some pics shall we?

Necromunda was ace back in the days

Dark Millennium was something very different 

Psyker and wargear cards, sounds like 6th to me?

Nice squad and rule references

More detail shot

Epic, im sad that i never was able to play epic

Money shot

 Hmm, i wonder if i can get some epic models via ebay

how to paint your stuff

umm, yeah

we used to have these

and these

close up


time before the codexes

squad card

vehicle cards

heavy vehicle cards

wargear and psyker cards

and templates, everything used to have its own template

flame ahoy

boom boom

vehicles were supposed to turn, not drive sideways as in now

the rules


whole tyranid army list

Damn i miss squats =(

Adeptus arbites

imperial agents

Damn, i miss those complex games - looking forward to 6th to bring back some complexity to the 40k.