Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harbinger of Destruction

Little unsure here on this one, any thoughts?

Maybe im going to add some power cables coming from the back of a model and going in to the eldrich lance or something like that.

Scarabs size comparison

As requested, lets find out if alternate versions of scarabs are same size as gw scarabs. I got like 20-30 gw scarabs and i purchased 24 trinity scarabs from ebay. I also noticed that my malifaux arachnids are similar sized.

From left to right. First is malifaux arachnids. In the middle is gw original scarabs. And right lane is reserved for trinity alternative scarabs from ebay.

Those tiny scarabs are made with greenstuff with the help of instant mold and spyder scarab hive.

Maybe something like this?

Get your own trinity scarabs from here

Comments, ideas, criticism?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Custom cron base

Still Wip, hope to get small scarabs everywhere in my army. Bases, arks, warriors you name it. First shot to try make one 40mm base out of green stuff.


Warriors got a new gun

Ignore the paint job, it was just fast test. The gap is intentional, going to add some cable coming from it.

Sentient Triach Stalker - WIP

So here it is, i really dislike the cron riding on another machines. Only things that are driven in my army is command barge and ghost ark.


This one is with heat ray

The head

Some gs work

Thinking of cutting that "tail" and adding power cables from heat ray to stalker

Its big one, only stalker pieces with gs.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heavy destroyer minor conversion

I really dislike the destroyer weapons so i decided to make my own version of the heavy destroyer. This is still work in progress, im going to add some guitar wire and shielding to it at least.

Heavy Gauss, that support thingie is just hanging, waiting to be glued.

Back of that weapon will get something in it

I like my weapons huuuuge

Greenstuff used to make ballsocket joint to the normal arm with extra support

Going to add armour plating in front of this

Any comments, criticism or ideas?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Overlords new ride - Wip

Today i received another box from maelstrom, my barges are here - at last.

So, here is few wip shot of my mad overlords V8 ride

Still need to add gauss somewhere

Going to extend that command console to the back

Front needs something aswell

Any thoughts, comments, criticism?

Fenris Games

More nice terrain features coming up from Fenris Games. Ebay/Paypal, everything went fine.

No box this time, clear address

Nice nuke barrels

Cthulhu stones

Weapon crates

And this one

Get your own from

Zinge Industries

They sell some pretty impressive stuff at Zinge, without meaningless chatter. Lets look some pics shall we?

Good box, receipt and clear address.

Mmmmm, bits..

Some vents


More terrain bits

Clear flames, and the other minigrip is full of extra goodies.

I recommend, fast delivery, good packing and reasonable prices. Check them out at

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last time i had a game i really was little lost at marking down what effect were in place and where, and so was my opponent. Luckily guys at produce these wonderful set of markers. Pretty fast delivery, good packing and nice price.

Few millimetres bigger and it wont fit my mailbox

Loads of markers

This was nice one

Close up

Marine for scale

Going to use these every game now on, will make our lives a little easier. Get your own markers here

Cylon resurrection ship

Oh wait - my bad. I meant the Necron Ghost Ark. 

Lately i have been building and painting infantry, and loads of them. 30 warriors later i decided to get break from infantry and get some transports. Usually when im done with squad or two of infantry i reward myself with painting a tank or character. Next time when its time to get some rewards im going to pick character. This one was nightmare to build. Over 100 pieces and few hours later i have only managed to assemble it and apply some base coat, its still missing its crew of 10 and all gauss weaponry. When ever i have been lazy with crons im going to punish myself with the ghost ark, i still need 2 of them.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stronghold Terrain Burning Tires

Around week ago i was wandering in the webs just to kill time, when i accidentally found website and saw these beautiful burning tires. I decided to order one set to see what they were like. Order went smoothly, i registered, ordered and payed via paypal. And last friday i received them.

Nice sturdy box with clean address and return address incase of problems

Good padding and receipt. Everything was minigripped, smoke effect is nice.

Wow, extra bits. These were nice suprise. Around 28mm scale

Good cast, no warping. Looks stunning, goes well with 40k and warmachine. 

Conclusion : im going to buy more, i usually only order 1 item if never ordered or know someone who has ordered. These tires will be nice addiditon to my terrain collection. I was thinking of something like this in 40k. They are considered difficult terrain with additional effects.

Turn 1 : roll D6, on a roll of 6's the tires are on fire and are considered as dangerous terrain and generate smoke to block LOS. Turn 2: roll D6, on a roll of 5+, same as above. Turn 4 = 4+, turn 3 = 3+, etc.

Visit to buy your own tires

Tron Crons test model

So here it is, still major wip - be gentle

Friday, May 18, 2012

Omega vault incident / 1

Omega Vault Incident is the name of the campaign that we started today. This is the first match Crons vs Nids. It was played on 4 x 4 table, spearhead, killpoints. Our armies are still very much in progress, nothing is ready at the moment. We are going to add army lists that were used and campaing rules in near future.

This was a 500 point game, the game was pretty fast. 2 turns and everything was in melee that lasted 4 turns. This was a Draw.

Necrons list:


  • Necron Overlord
    Ever-Living, Independent Character, Reanimation Protocols
    Mindshackle Scarabs (Mindshackle Scarabs), Sempiternal Weave (Sempiternal Weave), Warscythe
    • Royal Court
      • Harbinger of Despair
        Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols
        Abyssal Staff (Shroud of Despair), Nightmare Shroud (Nightmare Shroud)
      • Harbinger of Destruction
        Ever-Living, Reanimation Protocols
        Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse (Solar Pulse)


  • Necron Warriors
    • 9x Necron Warrior
      Reanimation Protocols
      9x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)
  • Necron Warriors
    • 9x Necron Warrior
      Reanimation Protocols
      9x Gauss Flayer (Gauss Weapon)

Fast Attack

  • Tomb Blades
    Reanimation Protocols
    • Tomb Blade
      Nebuloscope (Nebuloscope), Particle Beamer