Sunday, February 9, 2014

Size comparison

Here is my latest test-mini hanging with DV Chosen. Old csm models are so tiny that when buffed with these bits they are just the same size as dv-chosen. I think i lower that backpack a bit. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

True Sons of Chaos

Early wip, thoughts?

Anvil Industry

So my chaos space marines will need guns. And i really wanted something special for my rank and file marines. So here are more stuff from anvil, once again fast delivery and great product.

These will look great with evil craft torsos. check them out at

Evil Craft Miniature

So everyone knows how bad chaos space marine sculpts are at the moment. So i decided to order some goodies to make my own. Torsos and belts came from Evil Craft miniatures from Poland.

"Denying a thing is one of the ways to make it better".

 Good box and fast delivery

It was full of styrox balls to keep everything intact 

Nice and original

Great sculpts

Quality is awesome

No flash

Comparison shot with Da torso

All in all im very happy with Evil Craft. Fast delivery, good communication and superior product.


I have not been updating this blog for ages - sorry for that. Going to update more regular basis here on. There is my chaos army in the pipeline next. Hope to get some pics up today. And battlereports with pictures and video.