Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trying to make snow/ice bases

My first try on making some winter themed bases. These are still work in progress, i need to add vallejo liquid water effect to represent ice and paint the trimm in some shade of grey. Basically its just cork glued to the base. Added little woodland scenics coarce turf and basecoated everything black. Next i heavily drybrushed dark grey and then light grey. Then watered down pva glue in strategic places and some baking soda all over it.

And now some pics

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stormraven test 1

Just a quick test update on front lights. Works fine, just need to solder those power wires and get everything else operational. I hope to receive conversion kit for my stormraven sometime during next week. 

Tau gun drone

Few days ago my order from Maelstorm games arrived. I got box of firewarriors and Devilfish transport vessel. I decided colors of my army would include black and green at least. So i grabbed my only brush and started painting. This gun drone is my carrying my test color scheme. Only few colors in it, mainly chaos black and scorpion green. Lenses are painted with warlock purple and metal bits in gunmetal. Everything is washed with asurmen blue.

First test Tau

As JasoX pointed out, im drilling gun barrels later when im going to get a drill first

Im thinking of adding some kind of symbol at the top

 Firewarriors in backround

Looks pretty nice from my point of view. Before this gun drone i have only painted few random space marines and few orks, the ones from Assault on Black reach have. Hoping to get full squad of firewarriors painted soon, any ideas how to arm them? Pulse rifles or Pulse carbines? Combination?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Storm raven - starting up

 Just an update to my storm raven project. Today i managed to find time to build switch system and get some of the wiring done. This raven is going to get 7 led:s and around 1 metre of optical fibre in it. Everything will be remote controlled. So lets move on the pictures.

 Mock up of switch panel

 It needed some kind of support to allow the switches to be used without worrying breaking anything, so i built this T-support.

Front leds in place 

Hatch closed

With the top part on, just dropped to place

Closed with more parts

Some led, resistors, and wires in place

I got 2 switches, one is master switch to kill all power and another is manual override of frontal lights. Going to add transmitter and tamiya light control unit at the back of stormraven. Im going to fabricate custom lipo to power up this thing. Now i only need to wait for my order from chapterhouse studios to arrive, so that i can measure how much space i got left.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blood and Skulls Industry

Today i received my order from blood and skulls industry. Delivery was fast and everything went fine. All my bits were in good condition and casting was great. Package was great and all bits were in their own minigrip.

 I ordered Oppressor pattern tank threads and few other goodies.

And now some pics as promised

Nice casting

Spiky bits

Size comparison

Now i only need my tanks from maelstrom to begin those conversion. I can recommend blood and skull industry, im going to buy some more in near future.

Visit them at

Monday, March 26, 2012

Forgeworld goodies

Finally my order from Forgeworld arrived! The relic comtemptor is awesome, going to start cleaning it right after i finish this message.

Group shot of everything

 Inquisition door, going to replicate this with instant mould later

Same with these ones, replicating those icons

Contempror kick ass

Detail shot

Now if only chapterhouse studios, Maelstrom and scibor order would come soon

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Deathwatch terminators WIP

"Emperor show mercy to the fool that stands against me, for I shall not."

Just wanted to show what i have been up lately. Still everything is WIP. Going to get interceptors to this stage before moving to finer details and shading/blending. One reason is also that my orders from various sources havent arrived yet, and im lacking parts to do all the conversion that i have planned. Well lets see some pics.

Another angle

 And then some pics with friends

White ones will be modified to interceptor tomorrow

 This justicar needs something to set him apart from rank and file

Friday, March 23, 2012

For greater good?

So in preparation of oncoming battles i made this list up, this is the first Tau list i ever have made. Never played warhammer 40k before you know. Any thoughts?

Tau C

Tau C (1250pts)

1250pt Tau Empire 4th Ed (2006) Roster (Standard)


HQ (142pts)

  • Commander (142pts)

    Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker (5pts), Hard-Wired Target Lock (5pts), Missile Pod (12pts), Plasma Rifle (20pts), Positional Relay (15pts), Shas'o (75pts)

    • Hard-Wired Drone Controller (10pts)

      Gun Drone (10pts)

Elites (126pts)

  • XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit Team (126pts)
    • Shas'ui (43pts)

      Flamer (4pts), Flamer Twin-Linked (2pts), Fusion Blaster (12pts)

    • Shas'ui (43pts)

      Flamer (4pts), Flamer Twin-Linked (2pts), Fusion Blaster (12pts)

    • Team Leader (40pts)

      Hard-Wired Target Lock (5pts)

      • Hard-Wired Drone Controller (30pts)

        2x Shield Drone (30pts)

Troops (285pts)

  • Fire Warrior Team (215pts)

    12x Pulse Rifle, 12x Shas'la (120pts), Shas'ui (10pts)

    • Devilfish (85pts)

      Disruption Pod (5pts), Gun Drones

  • Kroot Carnivore Squad (70pts)

    10x Kroot (70pts)

Fast Attack (277pts)

  • Gun Drone Squadron (96pts)

    8x Gun Drone (96pts)

  • Pathfinder Team (181pts)

    8x Pathfinders (96pts)

    • Devilfish (85pts)

      Disruption Pod (5pts), Gun Drones

Heavy Support (420pts)

  • Hammerhead Gunship (180pts)

    Disruption Pod (5pts), Multi-Tracker (10pts), Railgun (50pts), Smart Missile System (20pts), Target Lock (5pts)

  • XV88 Broadside Battlesuit Team (240pts)
    • Shas'Ui (75pts)

      Smart Missile System, Target Lock (5pts)

    • Shas'Ui (75pts)

      Smart Missile System, Target Lock (5pts)

    • Shas'Ui (90pts)

      Smart Missile System

      • Drone Controller (20pts)

        2x Gun Drone (20pts)

Profile Summary:

  • NameBSFrontSideRearTypePg
    Devilfish3121110Tank, Skimmer
    Hammerhead Gunship3131210Tank, Skimmer

Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Killteam paint scheme and other goodies

So my basic idea for this army was to incorporate my older legion of the dead figures to these new ones that grey knights have - and convert them to look like they would come from Codex : Alien Hunters - Ordo Xenos inquisitorial forces. Below are the test run for new Killteam, counts as strike squad.

Flames are not finished, still needs at least more white in it.

Posing with 2 test minis and soon to be finished Dread.

Another angle

I tried armypainter this time to undercoat these ones. Much better than citadel in my opinion.

Optical fibre cables arrived today, stay tuned for lighted up stormraven cockpit in near future

2 test minis, grey knight and exorcist 

This one i picked up from ebay, it didnt have any arms when it arrived. But it was only 3 dollars.

Scratchbuilded arms from my bits box and modified the torso

This assault cannon is from space crusade dreadnought and various gw bits.

Nemesis doomfist, still nees flamer.

The backbone is actually a lego piece, still need to add some cables and greenstuff.

Blast from the past, this item i bought during late 90's or something like that. Never used it and forgot it ar my parents house when i moved out. Gladly my little sister found this few days ago.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More authors

Welcome 2 new contributors to this site Becks and Jokke. Becks is the evil mastermind behind the Tyranids swarm and Jokke is freshly risen commander of the Tau forces. We hope to lure in the Imperial guard and Daemons too.

Earlier today i had a practise match agains Becs Nids. We both made few errors and forgot to use some wargear and powers we had. The hero of the match was battle brother Veritas Valence who heroically defended one hill during the entire battle and survived to tell a tale.

He was nearly overwhelmed

Shas'O J'ov Kais Mont'yr

Tau forces reporting in..

Deathwatch workbench

Here is it, pretty messy right now. Trying to modify stormraven and dread to look better

That small light is used as an OSL when making terrain and tanks

Some stuff to add my vehicles. Insanely fast delivery from Vaasan elektroniikkakeskus

More resistors

How to play warhammer 40k

Now all you guys and gals out there that are wondering how on earth is this game played, check these videos to get some idea how this game is played. Remember these are pretty basic and loads of stuff is missing.

Enjoy and do ask more if in need of more information.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maxmini Madness

So fast delivery again from Maxmini, i ordered few bits during last friday night and today it was in my local post office. Nicely packed as usual, parts were inside minigrip and box was sturdy and full of padding. Quality was excellent again. Enough text, time for some pictures.

Overall pic, notice great box and minigrip

Crusader hammer + shield 

Replacements for those hideous interceptor packs

Fast one with bluetac, i really dislike the "bad science movie from 50's" backpack that interceptors have. These are much better. Different shoulder pads and weapons and off we go.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally started painting again

I painted 2 minis when Gk got released, after that nothing. Today i finally picked up my old brushes and started to paint. Result are not so impressive. I tried to blend my grey knights to fit legion of the dead models from the past. Results are not so good. Still WIP and need to paint loads more.

Bad pic i know - only got my phone camera.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend warrior

During the weekend i managed to order more goodies from different sources. I visited games workshop helsinki again to order some deathwatch killteam conversion set. Im going to use instant mould to duplicate the shoulder pads. And when i was spending money i ordered fabius bile's packback to make my own techmarine with an attitude. They said its gonne be like friday when they will receive my order. Too bad im working the whole weekend again.

Gw order was cheap compared to forgeworld. We pooled up resources with the Nids player to get cheaper postal costs. Going to use instant mould again to replicate some stuff i ordered. Mainly the terminator crux and inquisition symbols on various doors and hatches.

Last order was from Maelstrom. Some tanks to move my slowly marines around. And some scibor goodies to. Different reliefs and icons - again to be replicated with instant mould. And some dark angel veteran squads to make my "purifiers".

Still waiting for my orders to come from Chapterhouse studios and Maxmini.

Text updates are boring, so off we go with old pictures =)