Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Killteam paint scheme and other goodies

So my basic idea for this army was to incorporate my older legion of the dead figures to these new ones that grey knights have - and convert them to look like they would come from Codex : Alien Hunters - Ordo Xenos inquisitorial forces. Below are the test run for new Killteam, counts as strike squad.

Flames are not finished, still needs at least more white in it.

Posing with 2 test minis and soon to be finished Dread.

Another angle

I tried armypainter this time to undercoat these ones. Much better than citadel in my opinion.

Optical fibre cables arrived today, stay tuned for lighted up stormraven cockpit in near future

2 test minis, grey knight and exorcist 

This one i picked up from ebay, it didnt have any arms when it arrived. But it was only 3 dollars.

Scratchbuilded arms from my bits box and modified the torso

This assault cannon is from space crusade dreadnought and various gw bits.

Nemesis doomfist, still nees flamer.

The backbone is actually a lego piece, still need to add some cables and greenstuff.

Blast from the past, this item i bought during late 90's or something like that. Never used it and forgot it ar my parents house when i moved out. Gladly my little sister found this few days ago.

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