Friday, March 16, 2012

New layout and backround

Finally managed to modify this blog a bit, i think it now looks way better than before. Going to modify the header banner a bit in near future. Backround of it needs transparency and the deathwatch font needs more shadows.

Earlier today i started painting my 10 man killteam ( strikes ), they are going to be black with grey highlights and  deeper shades than my normal marines. Also im trying to make some deathwatch shoulderpads from greenstuff using instant mold later today. Still debating about the flames - i kinda want legion of the damned style flames in somewhere, but little smaller than the actual legionners have.

And i really should order more things from forgeworld, mainly the comtemptor style dreadnoughs, because i really dislike the boxy ugly things that makes the normal marine dread.

At the moment my force is something like this

5 x terminators, 10 x strikes, librarian in terminator armour and a stormraven.

And i still got 2 boxes of pa knights, im thinking of adding at least 5 interceptors to act as an mobile firebase and late game objective grabber/contestor.

I managed to get permission to publish my xeno adversaries armies in here, so stay tuned for some daemons and tau activity in near future.

Pics online tomorrow

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