Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend warrior

During the weekend i managed to order more goodies from different sources. I visited games workshop helsinki again to order some deathwatch killteam conversion set. Im going to use instant mould to duplicate the shoulder pads. And when i was spending money i ordered fabius bile's packback to make my own techmarine with an attitude. They said its gonne be like friday when they will receive my order. Too bad im working the whole weekend again.

Gw order was cheap compared to forgeworld. We pooled up resources with the Nids player to get cheaper postal costs. Going to use instant mould again to replicate some stuff i ordered. Mainly the terminator crux and inquisition symbols on various doors and hatches.

Last order was from Maelstrom. Some tanks to move my slowly marines around. And some scibor goodies to. Different reliefs and icons - again to be replicated with instant mould. And some dark angel veteran squads to make my "purifiers".

Still waiting for my orders to come from Chapterhouse studios and Maxmini.

Text updates are boring, so off we go with old pictures =)

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