Friday, March 30, 2012

Stormraven test 1

Just a quick test update on front lights. Works fine, just need to solder those power wires and get everything else operational. I hope to receive conversion kit for my stormraven sometime during next week. 

Going to go drill access holes for optical fibre next. Thinking of lighting up some of the cockpits screens and the targeter lens? on space marines helmet. And of cource the wings will get some led:s too. There are natural places where you should glue those clear plastic parts, going to mount red and green led in there. Hope to update today or tomorrow some pics or even video about those optical fibres at work.

EDIT: added video of optical fibre testing

This is just a test, the light will be red in final version. And cockpit will get around 10 fibre lights in it in green/red/yellow, not so bright as this one.

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