Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blood and Skulls Industry

Today i received my order from blood and skulls industry. Delivery was fast and everything went fine. All my bits were in good condition and casting was great. Package was great and all bits were in their own minigrip.

 I ordered Oppressor pattern tank threads and few other goodies.

And now some pics as promised

Nice casting

Spiky bits

Size comparison

Now i only need my tanks from maelstrom to begin those conversion. I can recommend blood and skull industry, im going to buy some more in near future.

Visit them at


  1. Nifty looking tank treads, one complaint though, no link to Blood and Skull, now I have to go Google it.

    1. Added link, thanks for pointing that out

  2. The best part of those tracks is your tanks will also make an awesome back scratcher!

    1. And they will stick to badly flocked battlefield and terrain like old gum in bottom of a school desk! :D