Thursday, March 29, 2012

Storm raven - starting up

 Just an update to my storm raven project. Today i managed to find time to build switch system and get some of the wiring done. This raven is going to get 7 led:s and around 1 metre of optical fibre in it. Everything will be remote controlled. So lets move on the pictures.

 Mock up of switch panel

 It needed some kind of support to allow the switches to be used without worrying breaking anything, so i built this T-support.

Front leds in place 

Hatch closed

With the top part on, just dropped to place

Closed with more parts

Some led, resistors, and wires in place

I got 2 switches, one is master switch to kill all power and another is manual override of frontal lights. Going to add transmitter and tamiya light control unit at the back of stormraven. Im going to fabricate custom lipo to power up this thing. Now i only need to wait for my order from chapterhouse studios to arrive, so that i can measure how much space i got left.


  1. Interesting idea, would be nice too se it operational!

    1. I allready got all the other stuff ready, only waiting for truescale conversion kit from chapterhouse studios. After it arrives its pretty quick job to assemble everything together.

  2. You, sir, make me envious. I've always wanted to light up a vehicle kit with LEDs, and just have never gotten up to it yet. A little intimidating even you might say. I'm keeping an eye on this :)

    - Tim

    1. Its actually pretty easy, just go for it. I lighted up my friends leman russ few weeks ago, took just about an hour. I hope to get optic fibre cables in tomorrow for cockpit.