Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maxmini Madness

So fast delivery again from Maxmini, i ordered few bits during last friday night and today it was in my local post office. Nicely packed as usual, parts were inside minigrip and box was sturdy and full of padding. Quality was excellent again. Enough text, time for some pictures.

Overall pic, notice great box and minigrip

Crusader hammer + shield 

Replacements for those hideous interceptor packs

Fast one with bluetac, i really dislike the "bad science movie from 50's" backpack that interceptors have. These are much better. Different shoulder pads and weapons and off we go.


  1. I just ordered some things from them as well and hope they arrive just as quick. I really like your replacement backpack for your Grey Knights. I think it gives them a much better look overall.

    Ron, FTW

  2. I have ordered 5 times from Maxmini and every order have been really fast. Im thinking of changing the nemesis force sword to single falcion for this squad, that one big sword seems little off right now.