Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cylon resurrection ship

Oh wait - my bad. I meant the Necron Ghost Ark. 

Lately i have been building and painting infantry, and loads of them. 30 warriors later i decided to get break from infantry and get some transports. Usually when im done with squad or two of infantry i reward myself with painting a tank or character. Next time when its time to get some rewards im going to pick character. This one was nightmare to build. Over 100 pieces and few hours later i have only managed to assemble it and apply some base coat, its still missing its crew of 10 and all gauss weaponry. When ever i have been lazy with crons im going to punish myself with the ghost ark, i still need 2 of them.


  1. Looks promising... but I was little disappointed that cylons weren't cylons ;)

    1. Still thinking about converting immortals to cylons. Allready started converting the doomsday ark, going to try and convert cylon hybrid as its driver.