Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stronghold Terrain Burning Tires

Around week ago i was wandering in the webs just to kill time, when i accidentally found website and saw these beautiful burning tires. I decided to order one set to see what they were like. Order went smoothly, i registered, ordered and payed via paypal. And last friday i received them.

Nice sturdy box with clean address and return address incase of problems

Good padding and receipt. Everything was minigripped, smoke effect is nice.

Wow, extra bits. These were nice suprise. Around 28mm scale

Good cast, no warping. Looks stunning, goes well with 40k and warmachine. 

Conclusion : im going to buy more, i usually only order 1 item if never ordered or know someone who has ordered. These tires will be nice addiditon to my terrain collection. I was thinking of something like this in 40k. They are considered difficult terrain with additional effects.

Turn 1 : roll D6, on a roll of 6's the tires are on fire and are considered as dangerous terrain and generate smoke to block LOS. Turn 2: roll D6, on a roll of 5+, same as above. Turn 4 = 4+, turn 3 = 3+, etc.

Visit to buy your own tires

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