Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hour of the Deathwatch

My Wh40k army started as just regular grey knights. I ordered few boxes of the new stuff and cleaned my old metal characters. This is because my friend changed my mind going back to playing warhammer. I have been away something like 10-15 years and there have been many changes. First i looked if my favorite army would have codex, they didnt. Of cource i was looking for codex : alien hunters.

Back in the days of my active gaming i wielded custom space marine chapter called alien hunters, they used rules for dark angels in the codex : angels of death. Looking now, i clearly could not paint very well and models were ugly :D I really disliked the look of tanks back then, as i do now - even those modern marine tanks they are ugly. Only exception is the land raider.

So, i grabbed the next best thing - codex : grey knights. Im going to build my deathwatch army using grey knights rules. Here is a WIP shot of deathwatch marine ( strike squad member )

Still a WIP, need to paint that one arm silver - i totally forgot about that one. And paint some chapter logo on the other arm. Bases are going to be winter themed - that is aswell in WIP stage at the moment.

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