Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Instant mold take 1

My first take on using instant mold. Its pretty easy to aquire, i just ordered from ebay and few days later it arrived. Basically you put the instant mold in hot water and then push it to the object you want to duplicate.


Rhino door, very easy to dublicate. Only add hot water

Shoulder pad, nothing will stick to it

Detail shot 1

Detail shot 2

Nice one

Another angle

I messed up this piece because i was too impatient

Conclusion: very nice and easy way to replicate parts. Just need to wait for greenstuff to harden itself. I left the shoulderpad for overnight. Going to test this with milliput next.


  1. Wow, seems to work pretty well. I have to give this a shot it seems. (I need a lot of skulls for my army of Cryx and this might be the solution). :)

    1. i have replicated skulls also. Instant mold is fast and effective way to copy parts. I will post follow up post with milliput and re-usable molds later today